Weekend In Duluth

So, I got over my disappointment about not getting to Split Rock on time the night before, by getting a good nights sleep.  Before I could get out and get pictures, we just had to spend some time at the pool after breakfast.  We don’t get many opportunities to do this.  We then got ready and headed out to a place called Minnesota Point, or some people refer to it as Park Point.  At any rate, the place that we like to go to is way out close to the end of the point.  I once read that Minnesota Point is the world’s largest naturally occurring sand bar in the world!  We went out there in search of Lake Superior Agates.  We also just love being out there by the surf.  We thought that it would also be a great opportunity to get pictures of the kids in a unique environment.

Often times the crashing waves of Lake Superior create this ridge of sand and rocks part way up the beach, and it is usually a good place to hunt for agates.  This day however, there really wasn’t much of a ridge so we walked along the beach just having fun.  The kids were collecting rocks and driftwood, and were trying to out run the incoming waves that came in extra far from time to time.  All of this made for some wonderful photo ops.  This is a great way to blend family life and a passion for photography….take pictures of the family.  You can still hone your skills whether you are shooting images of the kids, or a light house!   As You are watching for shots of the family, keep an eye out for other opportunities.

Doing this resulted in the shot that is with my first blog entry, and that same image was selected as “photo of the day” in a daily contest of images of the Duluth area!  You can always make something of each opportunity.  


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