Dakota 2

Hospitality, A Cup of Coffee Away….that’s the city of Hillsboro’s slogan.  I thought that that sounded nice so we made our way to the Red River Valley, where farmers were working like mad in the fields to get crops (corn and sugar beets) harvested before the impending snow storm which was supposed to hit in a couple days.

James J. Hill found the town in the late 1870’s and I was just discovering it for the first time. It was a nice town.  We scouted out our options for a place to stay and found a nice little place on the edge of town.  Nothing fancy, but it did have a tv and Gunnar was pretty happy about that!  One curious thing was that they had quite an interesting display of rocks and minerals in cases in the front office.  It turns out that there had been some rock hounds there at some point and shared some of their treasures.

It was soon time for Supper before hitting the hay and getting ready to get some shooting in in the morning.  We found a Pizza Ranch and enjoyed a nice supper.  It was kind of funny because the locals were sitting in there watching Jeopardy and calling out the answers, and commenting to each other about the answers! Not making that up.

It just so happened that there was a big Veterans Memorial right in town so we got some images of it before leaving town.  It was a pretty interesting memorial. We went on our way and on the edge of town there was a big military jet on display, the tail fin read Happy Hooligans. We stopped and got some images of it. I guess I was feeling like a Happy Hooligan for having found these interesting memorials.


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