Dakota 3

As we continued on our way from Hillsboro, we started to look for a structure that was listed on our map as the tallest radio tower in North America. Seemed like an odd claim so we thought we’d see for ourselves.  We drove along a quiet two-lane highway.  I was struck by how many farmers were out harvesting the crops like mad.  It made sense because the news reports were saying that the first winter storm was looming large.  It gave me a good chance to explain to Gunnar what they were up to and why.

We spotted the tower, and it was very impressive and literally seemed to reach into the clouds.  I decided that that we needed a closer look so I began trying to figure out which road would take us there.  I found a small gravel road that seemed to turn into a minimum maintenance field road rather quickly.  In order to get to the field road we had to drive through this tiny little town literally about two blocks deep and two blocks wide.  The town was dominated by a massive elevator co-op type place with John Deere equipment all over the place, not equipment for sale, but actual working machines.  As we drove through I was fascinated by a couple of abandoned buildings that probably once served as a little store, post office or something like that.  There were very few residential homes scattered around town.  I quickly decided that we would not travel down the field road, so I started to head for the other end of town, a 20 second journey.

Just as I was about to approach the blacktop highway again, this old car caught my attention, just sitting there with grasses just growing up around it.  I couldn’t help but imagine where this car might have travelled during its working years, or what conversations were held inside of it…had it rolled into a few drive-in theaters in its day? Or maybe it cruised “Main Street” on a few Saturday nights.


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