A Special Project

I want to share a special project with you.  It is something that I call, “The Shine Series”.  It has to do with letting your light shine, or in other words, being a light to others.  This project came about when I was trying to think of a way that I could share my images with others.  I read a lot books on WWII history and I started to notice a re-curring theme among soldiers.  When things got dire, the men in the foxholes would often pray.  And if they weren’t particularly religious before, they would now find themselves making deals…”if you just get me through this, I’ll….”.

I thought that since our country was at war in Iraq and Afganastan, that maybe I could create a card that would fit in a uniform pocket.  The card would feature my photography, something that might be familiar to the soldier.  I had recently read, “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Noman Vincent Peale. This book gave me ideas for material that I could use in this project.  Mostly parts of bible verses, motivational thoughts and words. I added these phrases to the front of the card.

The back of the card featured the Peace Prayer of Saint Frances.  The idea being that a soldier could keep this in a pocket and pull it out, think about the phrase on the front and pray the peace prayer on the back.

I made up some cards and several templates, but haven’t ever sent any of the cards over. I’m not sure why, its just the way it has worked out.  I have been able to pass some of them out to my co-workers though.  Many of them asked for them when they saw that someone else had one at their desk!


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