Future President

I’m not sure that Gunnar still wants to be president, but that’s quite alright.  In this image, Gunnar was helping me out with some Senior Portraits that I was doing for my Niece.  You can see how well it works to have Gunnar bring the smiles out!   This job was kind of a double whammy in the category of balancing photography with family as I was doing a photo shoot for my niece Marissa and while doing that had Gunnar and Carrie along to help along with Marissa’s mom.  I really enjoy doing Senior photos – I suppose I’ve done a handful of them, all aquaintances.

We found this great location near Princeton that a friend of ours owned and let us use the property for a shoot.  It was so fun to do Marissa’s Senior photos, we actually had three separate sessions..in three different locations, across the state!  I believe we started in her hometown of Stewartville, MN mostly shooting “HS Days” type shots…then shot some outdoor “Country” shots near Princeton complete with a brick farmhouse, old faded red barn, and praire grasses; then we went over to St. Cloud and Munsinger Gardens to get more formal shots among the flowers and by the Mississippi River.

I almost always work with Carrie when doing Seniors, Weddings, group shots, and when we were at the Speedway.  It’s great to work with a second person in these situations so that the photographer can concentrate on getting the shot while the other person is getting people into position…it’s really a great arrangement.

Having family members help you on a photo shoot has many advantages.  You get to spend time with them, sharing your passion with them, and you are not only creating images, but you’re creating memories for the client and for your family.


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