“Beware Of Dogs”

There’s a quote that goes as follows, “Focus on the journey, not the destination.

Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”

I recently completed a photographic journey to North Dakota with my friend Doug and it was such a great journey!  Technically, we did have a destination, it was North Dakota. But the rest of it was all about the journey. We decided that we would take a “free-style” approach to our roaming picture taking.  We figured that we would just drive the country roads and pull over as we saw things that interested us.  This worked excellently as we have very similar interests in photo subjects.

As we drove along a dirt road, we spotted an intruiging old barn that also happened to have sheep fenced in next to it. It was located a ways off the road, but we felt that we needed to get closer to it.  We didn’t see any “Posted” signs, which is something that you want to watch for and mind.   We got to the end of the long driveway and Doug asked, “should we go down there?”, to which I replied, “yes, if there’s a farmer down there we’ll just tell him what we are doing and see what he says”.  But just as we turned down the driveway, I spotted an old metal sign attached to the fence that said ‘Beware of Dogs”…We looked at each other and decided to proceed….just then we saw these huge white dogs coming down the drive towards us.  There were four of them and two of us!  Well, we noticed right away that they were not taking an aggressive posture, no barking, no teeth.

We continued on – right up to the barn and the sheep. We eased out of the truck to let the dogs know that we were ok.  Actually the two oldest dogs headed right into the sheep pen and established their positions of guardianship…I was quite impressed.  The two younger dogs stayed out with us and eventually let us get close enough to pet their huge heads…but only for a few seconds.  We were then able to get some nice shots of the animals and the barn.  It was a great experience observing the behavior of the dogs.  There was one particular dog (pictured above) that I just wanted to hug and take home with me….but then, I don’t have any sheep to protect!



2 thoughts on ““Beware Of Dogs”

  1. How do you think the dog would do herding Violet? He looks like a big teddy bear. Judging by some of the photos I’ve seen of “Jay and Doug’s Excellent North Dakota Adventure,” your journey was successful. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

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