We loaded up the Chevy HHR early on thursday morning. We actually had it all packed and at the top of the stairs, ready to be loaded in the morning. The kids were woke up and led to the car after the car was loaded and we began our journey West. In getting my camera gear ready, I made sure that my memory card was clear; the batteries were fully charged; and that I had all the cords and accessories that I needed.  I also made sure I had my laptop and all the cords that I’d need for that. I wanted to be able to download pictures as I went along.  I also planned on doing this blog while on vacation but that didn’t quite work out. We had a plan for stopping every two hours to switch drivers and do bathroom breaks if needed, so the first scheduled stop was Alexandria, Minnesota. Part of the fun of doing road trips is the people that you meet along the way.  In Alexandria we pulled up to the pumps in the center and two big vans pulling boats loaded with stuff pulled up to pumps on either side of us…both vans were full of leading edge baby Boomer Men….they were on their way to Canada to go fishing and had driven up from Ohio or somewhere several states East of Minnesota. They were in such good spirits and it was fun to be in their midst. Next stop was supposed to be Fargo but we decided to go as far as Valley City, North Dakota.  It was in Valley City that we started taking pictures.  I wanted to get some photos of one of us reading the Community Education brochure for a little project that I’m trying at work for our facebook page.  I want to have people take pictures of themselves in different travel locations…”where do you read your Community Ed brochure?”.  It’s kind of corny I suppose but I thought it would be a fun Summer activity for people. And it would add some flair to the page.  Anyway, I had Carrie take a picture of me reading the brochure in front of a Valley City “Landmark”.  From Valley City we made it to Jamestown and felt like we needed to take the kids to see Dakota Thunder, the World’s Largest Buffalo! So we are quite a ways into North Dakota and I have yet to create one image and now we are stopped at this little tourist stop with the family and I’m thinking…”what kind of shots am I going to get here?”

2 thoughts on “Westward!

    • Thanks Joan, we wished you could have been there too. We had such a nice visit with Roger, and a wonderful lunch uptown at the place where Greg works. I’ll be posting more about the trip in the days to come!

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