Hitting the Dakota Trail

If you haven’t stopped in Jamestown to visit the World’s Largest Buffalo, then you should really think about it.  It is the easy way out to just keep driving by. When you stop in, you’ll not only see the giant buffalo, but you’ll realize as you drive in that there is a whole Pioneer Village to explore, including Stage Coach rides! I think the rides are 5 bucks per person and they take you through the village and down to the buffalo.  We didn’t take Stage Coach rides but went down the path to see the giant Buffalo.

Well, Gunnar and I went to see it, Violet was a little freaked out by the huge Buffalo so she and Carrie found playground equipment to play on.  Gunnar was a good sport and posed with the Community Ed brochure for me. So I was able to get a little work done on that project, and then I took a few shots of the surrounding area just from where I was standing.  Sometimes, it doesn’t work to get a lot of images, but with a stop like this….I concentrated on family pictures to make a record of the trip. It was great.  I got pictures of the Buffalo statue, and images of the family enjoying the park.

In this situation, try to get images that tell the story of the place you visited.  It will create a great record of your trip and it will make it more interesting for viewers that weren’t there.


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