Jay’s Top 15 Images of 2011

Wow! I decided that I wanted to look through all my images for 2011 and pick out my favorites for this blog post and for the annual slideshow that we do for the Sandhill Photography Club. The task was much harder than I expected. There were some events like our family vacation in Yellowstone that yielded dozens of great shots all by itsself. There were also many images from the Black Hills Photography Shootout that I wanted to include. Our photo club outings, and my two North Dakota photo trips provided too many examples to choose from. But I made myself take a critical eye and picked out the images that I think are really special. They might not be technically perfect but they represent work that I feel very accomplished with. Some are the result of trying new techniques in my constant quest to improve my images. Please look through these and tell me which are your favorites, and what it is that draws you to them. Thanks, I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I did in selecting them and recalling a fun year of photography. Here is 15-11.

# 15

This shot was chosen because it represented the culmination of having a goal and doing prep work in advance in order to be successful in getting this shot.  I was in Yellowstone and didn’t yet have an image of a moose (one of my goals).  I sought out a local professional nature photographer to learn about the best time and locations to find moose.  It paid off as I ventured out early one morning (after checking sunrise times on-line the night before), and came across this beauty a mile or two from town right at the time and general location. It’s not the greatest composition or exposure, but it means a lot to me because I had a goal, put in some work researching, and then was successful in accomplishing this goal.

# 14

This image amazes me when I look at it…mother nature at her best.  This is an image of frost on the hood of my car one morning when I was getting ready to go to work. I just love the patterns that were made, it’s quite fascinating.

# 13

I chose this one because I love windmills and I really like the composition on this one.  This image came out of a Photo Club outing down by Hastings, MN. It was a great outing.

# 12

This image was chosen because I just love the effect that resulted. I like the little mini bursts on the ground. The color of the light is very pleasing and the pattern of the light swirls is just cool. This image was created at another photo club outing where we were doing night time photos in the cemetery and then we were shown this technique by club members Steve and Zoma Olson.  It was a fabulous outing and fun to learn something new.

# 11

This image is of the steaks at the Pitchfork Fondue. I like how this one turned out, and I loved how the steaks turned out.  I like the angle of this shot, and the composition.  This image also has fun family memories attached to it. We attended the Pitchfork Fondue and the Medora Musical

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