More Top 15#

# 10

Today, I’ll start with this image of the falls at Artist’s Point in Yellowstone.  This was an amazing spot.  We stopped in there to check it out – not knowing what we’d see. We walked down the path a good amount and then all of the sudden the path turned left. As we turned and looked left…this is what we saw!  I’d like to go back someday and capture this in different kinds of light, I think you would find quite a variety.

# 9

Before I even started this process I knew that this image would be in the top 10.  I like it a lot. For me it really represents a snapshot of what it might have looked like in the 1800’s when the buffalo were very numerous in the old west. The Lamar Valley is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. I can’t wait to go back someday.

# 8

This picture was the result of trying out some depth of field experiments.  It was created for the photo club’s weekly theme challenge one week.  The challenge that week was “Breakfast”. I like the angle and composition of the shot as well as the golden light.

# 7

Like the moose in image # 15, this Grizzly was very rewarding to me.  I guess it is like a “trophy catch” for me.  I really wanted to see a grizzly while in Yellowstone as I had never seen one in real life, in the wild before.  This image happened because of a conversation that we had had with a road construction person the day before.  We were driving through the Lamar Valley heading to the North Loop and we had a traffic stop due to some road construction. We were the first car in line and so we visited with the lady that was holding the Slow/Stop sign.  She mentioned that we had just missed both a grizzly and a black bear that had walked by earlier. The seed was planted!  We quickly learned while we were out there that the animals were creatures of habit and were somewhat predictable in their habits.  I decided then that I was going to come back to that general spot some morning. There was a gravel road that led to the North back to an area that was popular for fly-fishing.  I got up that morning of the Moose capture before dawn and worked my way towards the gravel road.  I went all the way down the road and got to the end which was the fishing area.  I didn’t have time to go down the trails to see if I could catch some fly-fishing action, even though I really wanted to.  I had to be getting back to meet my family for breakfast at our Log Cabin B&B.  I remember thinking to myself, well, I guess it’s not going to happen, no Grizzly pics for me.  I had barely finished the thought and what do you know…there it was, a grizzly crossing the road right in front of me. I stopped and fumbled with my camera, I was so geeked out about seeing a grizzly this close in this kind of setting.  I was able to get off a few frames, then I needed to drive closer to get a better angle as he walked away. right when I got to the spot where he had crossed, a young couple had jack knifed their car across the road on a down hill slant to get out and get a look, which totally blocked me out of the view! Once they moved I went up the hill and got a position,the grizz was several hundred yards away…and what do you know…there was a second one with it!  What a great feeling to be out there with all that nature around..seeing those grizzlies made my day and it wasn’t even 9am yet!

# 6

I found this image while on a photo adventure to North Dakota with my friend, professional photographer, Doug Ohman.  We were in Fort Ransom, and found this classic red barn.  I was drawn to this mechanism on the barn door. It was a very nice barn and a nice location with other historic buildings. I ended up bringing the photo club back out to this area later in the year because there was so much potential for images. Doug and I were there in the coldest of Winter, and the club was there in July, so I was able to get both Winter and Summer images of this barn.


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