Do you know where you’re going?

I’ve been thinking that it is about time that I get back to my blog!  I want to continue with my look at the 7 Habits and applying them to photographers.  Beginning with the end in mind is about the ability to envision in your mind what you cannot at present see with your eyes. It’s about creating the vision twice: first is the mental creation; second is the physical creation.

Recently, I wanted to make some images for a project at work.  With my mental creation, I saw an ice rink full of skaters, and what I wanted for a final image was to get the skaters in blurred motion, to make them appear as ghosts.  Some people in the community think that the building where I work is haunted and the rink I wanted to visit is adjacent to this building.  It even used to be used for sporting events so it all tied together.  I created an image in my mind, then started to figure out how I was going to get it.  I set up a night on my calendar to do it; I made sure to bring my tri-pod to work that day. I also made sure that my battery and back-up battery were fully charge, because it was going to be really cold…and it was!

I thought about a couple of vantage points from where I could create my images from, then when the time came after work, I went down to the rink and set up.  It took many frames to get what I thought might work.  The LCD screen on my camera is pretty small so it was difficult to tell if I was getting the desired results, so I just kept experimenting with long exposures and tried to get enough samples to be successful.  I even changed positions to get a different look.  One view point was from the end of the rink about 30 ft above the rink on a ridge.  The other viewpoint was from the side at ground level.

When I got home and got a look at the images, I was pleased with the results for some of the images. Now I have some examples to learn from for next time.  The image with this post is from a photo shoot I was doing in the Black Hills.  I was getting lost of shots from the side view like everyone else in the workshop, but I wasn’t real happy with what I was getting.  I envisioned getting the fly fishing line zinging through the air. I wanted to get the whole line, the fisherman, and the lake.  So I realized that I need to get behind him.  So I positioned myself high up on an outcropping of rock…I couldn’t believe what I was seeing in the view finder…I couldn’t believe that I was the only one getting this angle…it felt like I had discovered a secret or something.  I kept composing and shooting while other where hiking back to the parking lot.  I’m glad I stayed back.


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