Day 1 Gettysburg


It was a long bus ride, but we finally made it to Gettysburg.  Today was mostly about getting there.  When we did get to Gettysburg, we had a group of First Minnesota Re-enactors waiting for us displaying the special Civil War 150 flag and playing fife, pretty cool after a long exhausting ride. Once we had a chance to check in and get freshened up, we headed downtown for our Welcome Banquet.  On the way there our tour guide (pictured in the photo) pointed out a few interesting tidbits of information, like showing us the hotel that President Lincoln stayed at when he was in town for the Gettysburg Address; he also showed us the train station where he would have gotten off the train.  There was even a building downtown that had a cannonball embedded into the outer wall.  Tomorrow morning we begin the really serious touring, and I can’t wait!John Cox Guiding On The Streets of Gettysburg


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