2014 My Year In Review P. 1

My photographic year started out with me not owning a working camera! My faithful Canon D60 gave its last image in the Fall of 2013. As a matter of fact I was on a photo shoot with my sister Jessica and her then fiancee Zach, we were doing their engagement photo shoot.  Luckily, we had made it through most of the day before the camera gave out.

So, that was it.  The camera just wouldn’t work anymore. I had some things that I needed to shoot in the new year so I asked my friend and fellow photographer Katie Raivala if she had a backup camera that I could use and she did.  I am so grateful for that, it got me through until I was able to get my own camera, thanks Katie!

Here are some images from the first six months of 2014:


Winter farm scene at sunset.  This was the first thing I shot with Katie’s camera, I went out to practice the controls of the camera.

IMG_9890The second test was at a night-time shoot at a Sno-Cross race near Elk River in VERY cold temps. It was very exciting action to shoot, but just so cold. I brought Gunnar with on this shoot and besides the cold, he really enjoyed this as well.

IMG_0285I was asked to come in and do a photo shoot for the PHS band as they were preparing for a Huge performance that they’d soon be giving at the UofM. During this rehearsal, I got right in amongst the musicians!

IMG_0205And, here is one of the shots from the UofM performance. This was such a great experience for the kids and I am so glad to have been able to be a part of it. PHS Symphonic Winds, Directed by Mr. Jim Baxter.

IMG_0430 IMG_0458

Early in the year I participated in a Women’s Expo in Duluth…attempting to sell images. Prior to the Expo, the organizers contacted me because they needed some images for a booklet they were putting together for the Expo. These two images are some of what I sent them. They wanted to feature Woman Business owners. Top photo is is of Amy at AJ’s Complete  Automotive; the second is from one of the bakeries in town called Blue Egg Bakery.


Here I got to shoot images of the PHS Concert Choir who was getting ready to perform by invite to a very special performance at a Music Educators Conference in Des Moines, IA.

IMG_0753 IMG_2812

I am fortunate that I am able to create images for the classes that I coordinate at Community Education. Another fortunate thing is that in doing my job is that I get to meet fascinating people like Helen who is a WWII Veteran…she served in Europe and one of her jobs was to help plot the maps during air raids on D-Day and beyond from England! I also got to meet Don Shelby who seemed like a really great guy in person and told us all about Mark Twain..a passion of his.  He has so many and varied interests, which makes him pretty interesting to talk with.


This Spring and Summer, I worked on a personal project where I wanted to locate and photograph as many of my Great Grandparents graves as I could. In this instance, I found a Great Great Grandmother and Grandfather in a tiny country cemetery. These Trygstads were a pioneering family and were among the very first people in the area and helped established a town which is now Brookings, SD…so I am pretty proud of that heritage!



I was asked to take pictures for both the Confirmation candidates and the First Communion kids at the church that we are members at. It’s fun to watch these kids grow into adults. I’ll just show the confirmation picture here. This was taken at St. Andrew’s Catholic Church in Elk River.




One of the most different events I covered between January and May was the Jackrabbit Stampede College Rodeo in Brookings, SD. This was the first of my Four forays into South Dakota in 2014. 2014 was kind of a wild ride of no camera then new camera…and all kids of different event shoots, free-styling, and some sports.  Stay tuned, I’ll write another post soon about the second half of the year. Jay





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