2014 My Year In Review P.2

Here is a look at the second half of my year in 2014. Enjoy!

IMG_3563 IMG_3501I found the grave sites of my Great Grandparents on my mom’s – mom’s side.  on the way, I stopped randomly at a cemetery in SD and found this amazing Grotto. With a close look you can see that the stones were placed just right to create the beautiful shrine.

IMG_3746 IMG_4454 IMG_4573 IMG_4743

Over the Summer, I did something new in providing 1:1 private photography lessons in the field. It was great fun, and my student was eager to learn and did a great job. The top picture above is an image I got from looking up through the inside of a silo.  The second rooftop picture is from my family’s Summer vacation. I was able to combine photography with family fun and was able to do a lot of shooting in the woods and prairie.

I discovered my old beer can collection out in the garage this Summer and so I took portraits of all the cans out in the yard.  My friend Doug also took shots of the cans in order to make some posters for his State Fair sale…I hear they went over pretty well.  My son, Gunnar and I took in an air show in Princeton this Summer…pretty fun.  I honestly would have enjoyed it if it was paper airplanes because I like hanging out with Gunnar so much!

IMG_4817 IMG_4843 IMG_4880 img_6480In the Fall I love getting images of the pep band at the first couple home football games…it’s good light – and a certain excitement is in the air that time of year.  The next image is of the ceiling if the chapel at Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis.  The interior of the building is completely coved in Italian Mosaic tiles….amazing!

I tried my hand in “Astrophotography”  and this is one of the ones that sort of turned out..I like it anyway.  I had an incredible time at the Black Hills Photo Shootout, and this is one of the images from that adventure.

IMG_5090 IMG_7157

The highlight of my photo year was being the photographer for my sister, Jessi’s wedding to Zach.  It was an amazing day filled with family and friends. The Church shot above is from the Kelby WorldWide Photo Walk that I organized in Elk River…that was fun, and a new experience.

IMG_7363 IMG_7456My buddy Doug and I went out to the Dakota’s last Fall for some free-styling. We stayed at the Coteau Des Prairies Lodge near Rutland, North Dakota. It is a very special place to me as it is built on land next to my dad’s old home place. The family that own’s it, the Breckers, are old family friends.  They were so kind to us while we were there. The bottom image is from the Memorial at the Battle/Massacre at Whitestone Hill. This was out West of Oakes, ND where I was born..so we drove through and checked the town out while on our way to the site.

IMG_9600To close out this blog  I want to finish with a group photo of the cast of the Music Man performed by PHS students. Both Violet and Gunnar were in the production.  I honestly couldn’t have been more proud of my kids. I went to all eight public shows and even a couple of dress rehearsals. I had the honor of being asked to get still shots of the performances…I loved it..and really got a lot more familiar with many of the other kids in the musical. This was really a highlight of my whole year which was filled with many great moments.

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