The Art of the Selfie

Selfie of Carrie and I at the beginning of our Route 66 experience. Selfie of Carrie and I at the beginning of our Route 66 experience.

From Definition of selfie in English:

noun (plural selfies)


A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media: occasional selfies are acceptable, but posting a new picture of yourself everyday isn’t necessary.
So, what camp are you in? Do you like Selfies…or despise them? I know that there are pretty strong feelings either way…which is silly if you stop and think about it.  The Selfie is a form of Self Portrait photography. I think that it is a good way for people to get creative with their photos. It brings people together….”hey let’s take a selfie!” Even calling out, “Selfie!” with a small group of people around causes most or all to smile and have a good time for a fleeting moment…and I think that is a good thing.
When people find themselves at a special location and/or a special situation, they want to take a selfie to record the memory.  I got to experience this firsthand on a recent road trip, and while I was at the Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore. There were so many people there. While we were looking at the amazing vistas of the South Rim, I was inspired to focus on getting pictures of people taking selfies!  Yes, I am a photographer, and, yes, I was at the Grand Canyon for the first time.  I was also with four other people in my group – and several hundred others.  I got some shots from the tourist railing spots, but I realized that, yes the Canyon is awesome…but there is another story here. I announced to my teenage son that I was going to start focusing specifically on people that were doing selfies. He was kind of against the whole selfie thing – especially the use of selfie sticks; however in a short time he was helping me locate potential selfie subjects!
Girls, I hope that you realize that there is a rather deep drop off right behind you! Please practice safe selfie-ing…
Cool Dad of the day! It’s interesting to watch the body language of people doing Selfies..not to mention the selfie taking techniques that people use.
Grammond-3076 Grammond-3088
Close quarters selfie taking.
Grammond-3091 Grammond-3071
These couples seem like professionals. Look at the body positioning and the selfie stick positioning…..Please don’t try this at home…these people are professionals. One thing I like about this self assignment is that the backgrounds behind these people are pretty spectacular!
Grammond-4115 Grammond-4110
Moving on to Mount Rushmore……Hey – guy in the red shirt, everyone is looking the other way!  Look at the technique the guy (Luigi) – on the right is using….a low angle….the reason is that Mount Rushmore is towering over them from behind.
Selfies and selfie sticks are a thing now, so just embrace it and try it for yourself if you haven’t already!  Maybe I’ll catch you with my camera someday and you might end up in a coffee table book! Jay

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