Where Has The Time Gone?

Wow, it has been nearly a year since my last blog post….I wrote that one – called, “The Art of the Selfie” after we had returned from an epic RV road trip through 11 Western States last Summer. I have been thinking about this drought in writing a lot lately, and so one day I challenged my friend Jim (who wants to start writing, but can’t find the right time); that he and I need to each write a blog post within the next two weeks.  Today might mark that point so here I am!

I want to share with you some of what I’ve been doing photographically last year, so in this post I will feature things I did in the Fall. It was an interesting year. Our son experienced and made it through his “Senior Year” in H.S., that kept us pretty busy, and me pretty busy taking pictures at Band/Choir events; Fall Musical etc.  I also focused on my own health last year, and so without going into details…a lot of spare time was dedicated to that adventure! So, without further build-up, here are some images and comments on how I balanced family life and photography last Fall:

I guess I started the pics out with a selfie…I just can’t control myself! Last Summer after our road trip we still had time for going to see “The Music Man” at the Guthrie in Minneapolis, including a nice dinner out afterwards. And, we had time left in the Summer to attend a couple of County Fairs.

And….well this one I just wanted to show that I had discovered another Great Grand Parent’s grave site.  I am on a self-assignment to get images of the markers of each Grandparent all the way back as far as I can. This one was tricky to find as his name was Fred Hanson and he was buried in an area with lots of Scandinavians! The other photo shows a car at a car show in Grey Eagle, MN on Labor Day weekend. I grew up in this little town and was thrilled to see that they were having a car show when we were there. This car is the kind my dad had, only dad’s was brown…..wish I had Dad’s car!


I was at a State Conference for work last Fall – and while on my way to dinner one night, I literally came to a “Fork in the Road”. Was it foreshadowing something? Maybe! The next picture of 139…represents something I found while metal detecting…something I started to do more of in this past year, I’m still not sure what the thing is. The third image is from a paid gig I was fortunate to do covering a couple of Log Rolling events in Minneapolis. That was different and lots of fun.

Senior Year for Gunnar and his girlfriend Kaitlyn. I was busy in late Summer and most of Fall with taking Senior Pictures for these two and several others. I really enjoyed that. The third picture is from a Football Pep band activity last Fall. I will certainly miss seeing the kids in this group this coming Fall; but on the other hand, we will get to see them participate in Music at the U of M Morris.

Once again, I participated in the Black Hills Photography Shootout in Rapid City, SD. We got to do a shoot with a guy that danced in competitions, it was very very cool.  This Fall we found ourselves at the Princeton HS Pool several times. We were there to cheer on  Kaitlyn in the Fall. She did a great job and will be swimming at UM Morris.

The picture on the left represents my Mom’s arm holding a panoramic photo – that took years ago – up against that same land today, and how it has changed so much that it is unrecognizable. The farm in the photo is the farm that her dad built for his bride so they could start a family out on the prairie in North Dakota. The picture on the right represents some work I did with family portraiture.  This was a great family to work with.


This final image represents the Fall Musical, “Aida”. Gunnar played Pharoah. This was an all-consuming photo shoot for me. I shot dress rehearsal; and one Live performance; and then also did head shots of each of the principal actors and group shots of all the various groupings. I provided pics for marketing on Social Media, and for in the lobby during the event.  I even ended up making a book of images out of all this! Thanks for reading all the way to the end.

Be sure to check out my website for more images: My Website



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